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Grow Your Business… Increase Profits…

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Grow Your Business… Increase Profits…


Welcome To Ambrosiussen Accountants And Advisors…

We aren’t just your “average” accountancy firm…

We take the stress out of running your business and put the fun back in it.

It’s not enough to be “bean counters” these days…

As Toowoomba’s finest accounting firm we believe it’s our job to help you, become the best in your business, blowing away the competition.

Of course we could go on about our services here but you can just click the button below for that.

Instead we’ll just remind you that as a business owner it makes business sense to let trained professionals with over 50 years’ experience in growing companies help you grow your business.

Stop worrying about growth, cashflow, tax and all of those other horrible things that keep you up at night.

Let the professionals handle it all for you.

How Will We Help Your Business?

See How We Helped GC Event Hire Boost Their Profits…

“They helped us in ways we never expected accountants to do” – Gary Love, GC Event Hire.

No matter how big your business is, it can always grow bigger.

We help you to grow your business and increase profit margins.

To do this we follow proven processes such as:

  •  Analysing your business
  •  Improving your processes
  •  Identifying opportunities you may have missed.

We can then make projections on how much growth you can expect and what profit improvements will be made.

This makes the process of growing your business and profit margins easy!

See How We Help Provincial Distributors With Their Accounts…

Of course we also handle all of your day to day accounting…

“We can sit back… It’s taken the stress of our shoulders…” – Jackie Ellis, Provincial Distributors.

Not every company has the need or want for a full time CFO.

We can come out onsite once a week to help with all of your weekly accounting needs.

We’ll help to :

  • Create forecasts and plans
  • Ensure cash flow never runs out
  • Report on revenues and KPI’s
  • Help advise on financial matters where needed.

This service takes the stress out of managing the accounting side of your business.

It makes sense to let the pros handle it for you.

We’ll Structure Your Company Correctly…

We’ll structure your company correctly…

“We now have a structure that protects us…” – Gary Love, GC Event Hire

Do you know the benefits of having your company structured correctly?

What about the risks if it’s not?

You need to ask yourself:

  •  Do you expect to sell the business for a profit?
  •  Are you paying payroll tax?
  •  Do you or will you have assets to protect?

You need to think about these things (and more!) to make sure you’re protected.


Business Start Up

We help businesses catapult themselves more successfully with our range of Start-Up services.Whether you are a sole trader, a partnership.

Structures & Restructuring

If you’re considering a business structure or restructure, you need to know the options available to you that will protect your assets and minimise your tax.

Business Purchases & Sales

Buying or selling a business is a major decision and should be approached carefully and with the right advice.

Taxation Services

We can provide a full range of taxation services to small and large businesses in a variety of structures. Whether you’re a sole trader, partnership, trust, company, not-for-profit, super fund or a combination of these.

Thinking about tomorrow, today

When you own or run a business it makes it very complex to decide what will happen to your assets after you die, because some things like trusts continue on after your death and are not covered by your will.

The Business Edge

Our Business Edge service focuses on business development through short, medium and long-term strategies to help your business operate proficiently and profitably.

Are you sick and tired of always wearing the accounting hat in your business?

Are your current accountants proactive in growing your business or do they just crunch numbers and spit out useless reports with no insight?

Let us take over.

Your blood pressure will drop and your bank account will rise.

You won’t regret it.

But hey don’t just let us tell you that…

Check out our testimonials!

Client Testimonials…

We’re bound to tell you how good we are… So here’re some client testimonials to back us up.

Here’s hoping you’ll be the next one…


Jim’s Jerky


Terry Fowler Mechanical


Barry Sharp



At Ambrosiussen Accountants & Advisors we not only bring our years of experience in growing businesses to the table, but we partner with other key organisations who collectively possess a phenomenal depth of expertise, forward thinking and aspirational attitudes.

Ambrosiussen Accountants & Advisors is a CPA Practice


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