Productivity is important.

You’re paying your staff to do a job so it’s important to make sure they do.

Unfortunately, according to the EY Australian Productivity pulse, Australian workers say they could be 21% more productive at work if they could change just a couple of things.

To give you an idea on what 21% costs, it’s around $305 Billion in productivity or $26,300 per worker…

That’s a BIG chunk of change…

Fortunately, there are some warning signs you can keep an eye out for to make sure you’re not just getting bang for your buck from your staff, but they are actually enjoying contributing to being a part of your business…


Missed KPI’s…

Quite often this comes down to a lack of clear performance expectations.

This is especially crucial when it comes to important business goals such as sales volumes.

Do your sales staff know what is expected of them?

Have you set clear goals for them or better yet have they set goals for themselves?

Discussions between management and staff about key performance metrics are crucial to helping your staff not only produce the results that are required but to also give your staff job fulfilment.


Missed Deadlines…

Work needs to be delivered on time for a reason.

You know that and your staff know that.

So when deadlines get missed alarm bells should start ringing.

But it may not always be the fault of your staff.

Has management set clear expectations on when certain tasks are to be completed by?

Does your staff have a clear understanding of the role their part plays in the overall company?

You need to have a firm understanding of why deadlines get missed so you can address the underlying issue, whether that’s simply a stressed out worker with problems at home, or inefficient communication from upper management.


Work Quality Starts To Slip…

As the person responsible for the smooth operations of a business, you should strive for a satisfied workforce.

When the quality of work starts to slip, whether it’s craftsmanship or menial office tasks, it’s generally an indication of dissatisfaction, stress or even boredom.

Communicate with your staff to nut out the root of the problem. Once you know the problem it’s a lot easier to find a solution.

Never assume (it makes an ass out of u and me is a great saying!), communicate with your staff and help them to recover their sense of pride in their work.


Obvious Boredom…

This leads to disengagement.

When staff become disengaged and emotionally disconnected from their work their productivity plummets.

Managers that talk with and listen to their employees don’t usually encounter this issue. By identifying your employee’s strengths and weaknesses, you can offer up challenges to keep them engaged with their duties.

Keep staff motivated by providing recognition and feedback on a regular basis.

If you’re lucky, employees that are bored will speak up and let you know about it, providing you with the opportunity to challenge them and give them ownership over their workload.



Stress plays a crucial role in workplace productivity.

It’s something that affects everyone from the lowly intern through to the CEO.

Stress triggers a fight or flight response which is the last thing you need on your plate.

It fosters a mindset that in no way contributes to the wellbeing of the business.

So how do you combat it?

Re-evaluate the workload of your employees and re-distribute tasks evenly between them.

And while you’re at it, remember to look at your own task delegations.


Methods of increasing staff productivity are one of one hundred things we as business accountants could be helping you with.

When you’re in a management position be it managing director, CEO or accounts manager, there are no doubt certain business goals you want to achieve for the business.

Sometimes you need to bite the bullet and get the right help to achieve those goals.

We’re not just accountants, we’re business accountants who partner with the business in order to achieve certain goals.

Increasing staff productivity is just the tip of the iceberg, we’ll help you hit all your financial goals so you can focus on doing what you do best without the stress…

If you’re ready to see what makes business accountants different from ordinary bean counters let us know here, we’ll give you a call completely obligation free, just so you can see how fast we can help you to smash your business goals.

Remember, partner with professionals, get professional results.

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